Payment Terms

Payments are made electronically. Bancontact / Mister Cash, VISA or MasterCard are accepted.

For all payments with these cards, we make the payment immediately. In case of cancellation or renunciation, and if your account has been debited, agrees to return the amount debited as soon as possible (14 days after receipt of the goods).

Payment must be made in EURO. declines all responsibility for the supplements due to bank charges.

Payment by credit card is subject to the approval of the financial institution that issued the card. disclaims any liability in the event that the financial institution refuses payment for any reason whatsoever. will take the necessary and necessary steps that are in its power to protect the information on your order and your payment. can not however be held responsible for the illegal access of third parties to the information that you disclose by placing an order on the website.


When you place an order on our site (via Stripe), all your information is fully secure via HTTPS and SSL. The payment process is done via Stripe's secure service.

Sensitive data, such as credit card number and expiration date, is fully encrypted and secured using a TLS protocol to prevent exchanged information from being intercepted in the clear by a third party during the transaction. . The card numbers are encrypted instantly and we never had access to them. In addition, Stripe does not maintain card numbers and relies on a secure infrastructure that complies with the international PCI-DSS standard.

All pages of the site, as well as transmission links are protected in TLS and have a security certificate.